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I work with couples and individuals in two different ways:


First, if you are a couple looking to give your marriage a boost, solve your issues and learn some insanely important communication skills, I’d invite you to check out my Happy Couple Club program.

It’s a 5 week program with short videos and workbooks designed for you to get more fun and friendship in your marriage!

You can purchase the program to do on your own (as a couple or as an individual) OR have me as your 1-1 guide through the process.

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Second, if you are a women whose husband isn’t ready for a program like The Happy Couple Club (or any marriage support, for that matter) I have a program just for you!

I specialize in helping women understand how the male brain works so their communications can go smoother, they can get their needs met and increase all forms of intimacy with their husbands.

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Just For Baha’i Women!

Act quick! I will be closing down the Happy Couple Club and my coaching services on Friday, April 28th, 2017.








When we first started coaching with Janna, I was worried about whether it would lead to any lasting benefit.  I wasn’t sure about what a marriage coach could offer.  As the man, I was worried that my side of things wouldn’t be taken into account.  And I was hesitant about the cost.

 Our marriage is still far from perfect, but now I have a better understanding of my wife and how she thinks.  I also have a greater understanding of topics like sex and shame and how they have an effect on me and my relationship with my wife. 

We have better, more honest communication.  I am also learning to acknowledge my own needs.

 Janna is enthusiastic and always has a positive spin on problems.  I liked that she has a good understanding of how men think–this was a bit of worry, but really, I thought that she had good empathy and a willingness to understand men.  This was really important!

 You should know that Janna really cares about the couples she’s working with!  She brought a real warmth and love to the sessions.  

 I’d certainly recommend anyone to work with Janna!


Marriage Coaching Client