When I was first considering working with Janna, I was worried about somehow being disloyal to my husband by talking to someone else about issues that we struggle with.

But now I feel like I have so much more clarity about my situation and what the appropriate response is as a wife and a Baha’i.  I also feel much more empowered to take steps to make changes, without depending on anyone else to meet my needs for me.

I loved how easy it was to talk to Janna, and that she already shared and understood all of my Baha’i values. Now my husband is more interested in doing the couple’s program in some form!

The most important thing that you should know about coaching with Janna is that it’s not scary and that the financial investment is SO worth it.  I know sometimes it feels difficult to spend money on intangibles– or just on ourselves– but for less than the cost of a weekly grocery run, I feel like I’ve made a big step forward in my life and marriage.


Coaching Client

When we first started coaching with Janna, I was worried about whether it would lead to any lasting benefit.  I wasn’t sure about what a marriage coach could offer.  As the man, I was worried that my side of things wouldn’t be taken into account.  And I was hesitant about the cost.

Our marriage is still far from perfect, but now I have a better understanding of my wife and how she thinks.  I also have a greater understanding of topics like sex and shame and how they have an effect on me and my relationship with my wife.  We have better, more honest communication.  I am also learning to acknowledge my own needs.

 Janna is enthusiastic and always has a positive spin on problems.  I liked that she has a good understanding of how men think–this was a bit of worry, but really, I thought that she had good empathy and a willingness to understand men.  This was really important!

 You should know that Janna really cares about the couples she’s working with!  She brought a real warmth and love to the sessions.  

 I’d certainly recommend anyone to work with Janna!


Marriage Coaching Client

Janna is attentive, kind, thoughtful, gives intelligent feedback and is a joyful being. She is a wonderful and compassionate coach and has the tools to help you keep moving forward!

Alba, Ithaca

Life Coaching Client

I really appreciated so much that Janna is a Baha’i. Our Faith influences our very understanding of the world and how we fit into it.  It can be very frustrating trying to “teach” a therapist those views and that understanding.  I cannot tell you how great that was.  It allowed me to get right down to business and not waste time explaining who I am.  I knew she had the same end goal as me.

Janna is calm, kind and will ask questions to really narrow in on the issue and how to deal with it.  Stay focused and take full advantage of the time you have with her!

Kathy, Seattle

Life Coaching Client

My initial hesitation with coaching was talking over Skype and wondering how that would work in terms of Janna’s personality and being able to communicate effectively over the phone but those fears faded quickly as I started to see results.

Janna is really skilled at pushing through the B.S. and getting straight to the issues. I got more out of our 4 sessions than I did from several months of seeing different therapists in the past.  She is a wonderful communicator and articulates her thoughts and questions very well.  She is clearly gifted at this.

Client, Phoenix

Life Coaching Client

I’ve never had any counseling or life coaching so, at first, sharing my weaknesses was a bit intimidating – but it was worth it because I’ve had SO MANY results!

There was no judgement at all. It felt like I was speaking to a coach but also a friend- someone who could see the good things and remind me of my strengths when only the weaknesses were seen.

I think people will shy away from paying for life coaching (although they definitely shouldn’t because the cost is well worth a better life) because they could think (like me) that something is fundamentally wrong and nobody else can ‘fix it’ or even help. “Why do I need coaching?”, “What’s wrong with me?”, “I should have self-discipline to achieve my own goals!” That kind of assuming mentality. 

Janna is loving, patient, kind and generous and coaching is her passion. I’m singing her praises to friends and family!


Mona, Huntsville

Life Coaching Client

Working with Janna was a life saver. I was in a very dark place in my life and marriage, feeling out of control, having a really difficult time expressing my feelings without powerful anger.

At first I was a little intimidated about working with Janna as she is a Baha’i and so am I.  I was worried about not being able to share my dark fears and worries, because I didn’t want to disappoint Janna who seems like a perfect example of what a Baha’i should be. But very soon, right after our first talk, her love and empathy overruled all the worries I had about freely opening up.

The thing that people need to understand is that Janna is very sweet and gentle, very validating, she heard me and felt the feelings I was experienced. She empowered me to become the driving force of positive change in my life. And I will be forever grateful for this unique experience and will continue to benefit from it, hopefully, for the rest of my life.

S.S, Georgetown

Life Coaching Client

I loved EVERYTHING about the coaching process! Janna is so encouraging and empowering. She really helped me to reflect on things I have within me but don’t get much of a chance to explore. 
I loved that she is open about her own challenges and yet very positive about where she is now – I found that very encouraging and helped me feel a strong connection to her.
But my favourite thing (if I really have to choose…) is probably that she is ALSO a Baha’i! I found that it made everything so much easier in terms of shared understanding- the Writings, our mission as Baha’is, our expectations of Baha’i life, our feelings about the community… 

I feel like I have found a friend!
Anyone considering working with Janna should know that the Faith is at the centre of everything! That she combines brilliantly the qualities of being frank AND loving as Abdu’l Baha suggests for the process of consultation.

Janna is a wonderful coach and I loved every minute of it – even the tough bits.

Shirin, Athens

Life Coaching Client

When I first started working with Janna, I was worried about being vulnerable but once I allowed myself to drop the caution and feel the love- I started to see the benefits right way

I like the fact that we could laugh together over things that connected us.  Janna brings her whole person to this, not trying too hard to be ‘professional’ at the expense of her humanity.  It feels like she has been doing this for years!

My profession is counselling and I’ve always been aware of its benefits and limitations -coaching seems to address some of those limitations and I can totally see how important it is.

I have also deeply appreciated Janna’s ability to draw upon the Baha’i Faith in a sensitive and powerful way as she knew this was significant for me and my journey.

Janna is highly perceptive and, if you work with her, she’s going to nudge you out of the comfort zone into the challenge zone- so get ready to grow!

Tessa, Cardiff

Life Coaching Client