“Marriage, like all our other relationships in life, is a process which, among other things, serves to grind the sharp edges off us.”

-Rúhíyyih Khánum

She sure got that right!

It’s also nice to hear that struggle is normal, hey?

And that it doesn’t mean you are headed for…*gasp*…divorce.

In fact, you are definitely in the right place if you’ve come here because of one (or all!) of the following…

  1. You want to learn how to communicate (without the charged emotion)

2. You’re tired of nagging all the time (but still need to make requests)

3. You haven’t had a date night in months… or years??

4. You had high expectations of marriage- and it’s not *quite* living up to the hype

5. The same issues keep on poppin’ up and you want ‘em GONE!

6. You can’t find the balance of Baha’i activities and family life

7. You thought you had a common vision…

8. You want more equality into your marriage

9. You are at different places, spiritually, and it’s pretty tough

10. You just want your spouse to be able to read your mind!



Now, while I’m still working on #10…

I can help you with all the rest!

So, kick off your shoes, pour yourself some tea (‘cause that’s how I roll with friends) and get comfortable.

This is a place where you can be REAL about your marriage and still feel a ton of hope.

And here’s why:

a) Judgement simply doesn’t exist here.

b) I’m here for you. Honestly. You will be AMAZED at how a bit of education + encouragement can transform your marriage.

And now I suppose I should introduce myself…


I’m Janna Denton-Howes (Marriage Coach extraordinaire) and it’s my passion to help couples get unstuck and move powerfully towards the vision of true Baha’i marriage… because it’s the foundation of society, baby!

And who doesn’t want to have “a life full of joy and spiritual delight, a life of unity and concord, a friendship both mental and physical.”*?

After getting married at the insanely young  tender age of 17 and working for  15 years to transform my own marriage, I’ve taken my experience + understanding of the Writings + professional training to help others (like yourself!) create that connection and support we all crave in our fortress for well-being.


And I do that by working with married couples to improve their communication, become connected and feel excited for their future together!

Interested in working with me? Click here.


And now for some fun facts (Baha’i Style)

  • I lived in China for 2 years when I was a child (“Ni Hao”)
  • My great-Aunt met Shoghi Effendi
  • I have two young daughters and, hence, teaching children’s classes have been my area of service for some time now (in fact, I recorded lots of children’s songs here when my kids were tiny)
  • I love re-usable decorations (can we say Ayyam-i-Ha set-up in 30 mins? Yep.)
  • I cry every time I read a new Ridvan Message for the first time (happy, oh-my-gosh-we-are-so-loved, tears)
  • I LOVE to read biographies of early North American Baha’is. So far my faves are “The Diary of Juliet Thompson”, “The Maxwell’s of Montreal”, “Corrine True” and “Fires in Many Hearts”.
  • Flying over the Darien jungle in a 4 person plane (with the pilot holding the door closed) towards the coast of Panama while on a teaching trip with my husband was the single most terrifying/thrilling experience of my life. It’s a good story- ask me about it 🙂

And here’s my disclaimer!

ALL information shared, created, acknowledged, breathed (you get the point) is simply from MY perspective (at any given moment ’cause I really hope my understanding of the Baha’i Writings evolves over time!).

This website doesn’t at all reflect the “official” anything. If you are curious what this Baha’i stuff is all about please refer to this fantastic website: www.bahai.org. Hopefully all your questions will be answered… and if not- contact me!

As individual investigation of the truth is a fundamental Teaching of this Faith- I encourage you only to take what you want from this website and leave the rest– I promise not to be offended.

Reference: *’Abdu’l-Baha, Compilation on Family Life, no.43